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Audition recordings + portfolios

We accept all media through a YouTube or Vimeo link. Carefully read the instructions below on how to submit your recorded audition.

Recorded Audition Specifications

While Arizona State University does accept recorded auditions, we highly recommend that students come to campus for a live audition/interview.

Recorded Audition Requirements

Recorded Auditions must adhere to audition requirements listed for your degree or area as indicated on the audition repertoire website: You are responsible for reviewing your audition requirements and submitting all required materials for your audition no later than Nov. 1 for spring admission or Feb. 1 for fall admission.

YouTube Guidelines
If you are using YouTube, you must make your links Unlisted (not private) so the faculty can view it. For instructions on how to un-list your YouTube video so it is only accessible to those with a link, please visit this document. You will also need to submit the full YouTube link (not a shortened link). Read the end of the linked document for assistance.

Tips for Recording
We recommend using an external microphone, such as this inexpensive option: USB mic
Make sure your head, hands and instrument (except vocalists) are clearly visible in your video.

How to Submit your YouTube or Vimeo Link

You have two options to submit links to your video recorded audition.

  1. Submit link(s) for your entire recorded audition to your music application before you submit the application. (Do not submit just part of your recorded audition.) OR
  2. Submit link(s) for your entire recorded audition to your music application after you submit the application and no later than Nov. 1 for spring admission or Feb. 1 for fall admission.