Tuition and Paying for College

ASU ranks among the top “best buy” public colleges in the USA. Thousands of dollars in scholarships and fellowships are awarded to The Herberger Institute School of Music, Dance and Theatre students annually.

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ASU has many financial aid options available.

Money generated for these scholarships and fellowships come from the generous donations of our alumni, parents and friends.  Financial aid includes grants, scholarships, work-study, loans, education tax credits or a benefit from completing community or military service. 

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Music, Dance and Theatre scholarships

The School of Music, Dance and Theatre administers the following scholarships, fellowships and awards through various studios and professors and are only available to music, dance and theatre majors.

Explore the possibilities for scholarships in the School of Music, Dance and Theatre!

Dance Scholarships

Students may find dance scholarships through the ASU scholarships portal when those are available. If scholarships are currently available, they will appear below.

Theatre Scholarships

Students may find theatre scholarships through the ASU scholarships portal when those are available. If scholarships are currently available, they will appear below.

Music Scholarships

All music majors are automatically considered for merit based scholarships and the named scholarships and fellowships listed below. Undergraduate students may be considered for scholarship for up to eight semesters, master’s students may be considered for scholarship for up to four semesters, and doctoral students may be considered for scholarship for up to six semesters. 

For information on scholarships already awarded, please contact the admissions office at .

Agnes M. Holst Scholarship/Fellowship
Alberta Dawson Keene Memorial Scholarship
Alice and Peter Buseck Scholarship/Fellowship for Piano Students
Anna Rosenzweig Memorial String Scholarship/Fellowship
Arthur E. Harvey Memorial Scholarship
Aspiring Professional Musicians Scholarship/Fellowship
Atsumi Cello Scholarship/Fellowship
Barbara Bluhm Memorial Scholarship/Fellowship
Barbara Long Opera Scholarship/Fellowship
Bertha Autenrieth Memorial Voice Scholarship
Bruce Munson Memorial Scholarship/Fellowship
Choral Music Scholarship/Fellowship
Curt Sather Organ Scholarship/Fellowship
Diane Rose Simon Memorial Saxophone Scholarship
Eirene Peggy Lamb Scholarship/Fellowship
Emil Barberich Scholarship
Etta & Norman Mendelsohn Memorial Scholarship
Evelyn Eberhard Memorial Fellowship in Voice
Frank & Marion Putz Memorial Fellowship
Friends of Music Scholarship/Fellowship
Gary Mack Memorial Scholarship/Fellowship
George Umberson Music Scholarship
Gladys O'Donnell String Fellowship
Harriet L. Freye Memorial Scholarship/Fellowship
Helene M. Robinson Piano Scholarship/Fellowship
Herbert Smith Fellowship in Music
James Saverio Ruccolo Memorial Piano Fellowship
Jazzbird Foundation Scholarship/Fellowship
Jean Wong Memorial Scholarship/Fellowship
Jennfer Lowry Dock Fellowship in Music
Katherine K. Herberger Scholarship/Fellowship in Music
Kathy Brown Paliganoff Memorial Scholarship/Fellowship
Leslie & Lloyd R. Bell Memorial Scholarship/Fellowship in Voice
Louise Lincoln Kerr Composition Scholarship
Louise Lincoln Kerr Music Scholarship/Fellowship
Marcia P. Cummins Parker Scholarship/Fellowship
Mervin Britton Memorial Scholarship
Miriam L. Wolfe Music Scholarship/Fellowship
Music Special Talent Award
New Times Music Scholarship
Newmark Family Voice Scholarship/Fellowship
Patricia B. Keating Scholarship/Fellowship
Phoenix Symphony Guild Scholarship/Fellowship
Presser Undergraduate Scholar Award
Rafael Méndez Scholarship/Fellowship in Brass
Richard & Babette Burns Scholarship/Fellowship
Richard and Marilyn Wurzburger Music Scholarship/Fellowship
Robert Clark Organ Scholarship/Fellowship
Robert & Betty Isern Howery Scholarship/Fellowship
Seymour Rosen Music Scholarship/Fellowship
Sidney E. Rosbach Music Scholarship/Fellowship
Warren Hoffer Art Song Scholarship/Fellowship
William S. English Memorial Scholarship/Fellowship

Investigate other ways to support your academic and creative endeavors

There are a variety of ways to access funding for your education through ASU, local organizations, and other opportunities.