This is where your future begins.

Discover why the School of Music, Dance and Theatre is right for you.

You’ll find a cutting-edge music program with an abundance of opportunities that inspires creativity;
a dance program that encourages originality and demands dedication; and an inventive
theatre program with a comprehensive view of acting, design and production.

Ignite your passion or enhance your skills with a music, dance or theatre fall class.

The School of Music, Dance and Theatre offers music, dance and theatre offers classes for fall 2024 that are available to all ASU students regardless of major! Our music ensembles are also open to all ASU students!  

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Add creativity to your schedule! The School of Music, Dance and Theatre has opportunities for all ASU students.

Experience music, dance or theatre with a summer course.

Earn a minor and certificate in music, dance or theatre while pursuing a different degree. 

Join an ensemble and continue playing your instrument in college.

Find music, dance or theatre elective classes to satisfy a general studies requirement.

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