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A place for everyone

You don't need to be a major in the School of Music, Dance and Theatre to pursue your interests at ASU. Whether you are a journalism student interested in acting or an engineering student wanting to continue playing your instrument, there is a place for everyone in the School of Music, Dance and Theatre. Audition for productions, take our courses, earn a minor or certificate, attend our events and participate in our broad range of programs. We value the creativity, personal experience and voice of every student.

Add creativity to your schedule!

Are you an ASU interested in taking a music, dance or theatre course? Scroll down to see our classes that are available to all students regardless of your major.

Music classes for non-majors

Register MUS (Music) classes

MUS 100

Fundamentals of Music Notation  

MUS 131

Bach to Bebop


MUS 145

Nonmajors Class Piano: Beginning  

MUS 146

Singing for Nonmajors I


MUS 194 Rock Guitar  
MUS 194 Drum Circle  
MUS 194 Non-Majors Beginning Guitar I  
MUS 210 The Arts Around Us HU
MUS 211 Dance, Music and Meaning HU
MUS 212 Music, Meaning and Imagination HU
MUS 231 Laughing to Music HU
MUS 245 Non-Majors Class Piano: Intermediate  
MUS 246 Singing for Nonmajors II  
MUS 294 Rock Band HU
MUS 294 Songwriting  
MUS 294 Producing Hip Hop and Dance Music I  
MUS 294 Non-Majors Advanced Class Guitar  
MUS 345 Non-Majors Class Piano: Advanced  
MUS 347 Jazz in America HU & C
MUS 354 Classic Rock: 1950-1975 HU
MUS 354 Rock Since 1975 HU
MUS 354 Jazz Giants HU
MUS 354 The Beatles HU
MUS 354 The Beatles After the Beatles HU
MUS 354 Elvis HU
MUS 354 Country Music HU
MUS 355 American Music HU & C & H
MUS 356 Broadway & the American Musical HU
MUS 362 Rap Music and Hip Hop Culture HU & C
MUS 410 History of Women in Music HU & C & H


Register MHL (Music history/literature) classes

MHL 201

Media Literacy for Musicians


MHL 344

Music in World Cultures

HU & G


Register MUP (Music performance) classes

MUP 442

Instrumental Ensembles


MUP 443

Concert Choir

MUP 444 Maroon and Gold Concert Bands  
MUP 450 Choral Union  
MUP 455 Canticum Bassum (Arizona Statesmen)  
MUP 457 Sol Singers  
MUP 458 ASU Gospel Choir  
MUP 459 Barrett Choir  
MUP 461 Marching and Athletic Bands  
MUP 486 Jazz Bands  
MUP 489 Ethnomusicology Ensembles  
MUP 494 Vocal Coaching  
MUP 494 Music Theatre Dance: Tap I  
MUP 494 Spoken Word as Creative Practice  
MUP 494 Introduction to Piano Technology  

Dance classes for non-majors

Register DCE (Dance) classes

DCE 100

Introduction to Dance HU
DCE 111 Belly Dance I  
DCE 115 Yoga I  
DCE 116 T'ai Chi Chuan I  
DCE 118 Yoga/Pilates  
DCE 120 Contemporary/Modern I  
DCE 121 Ballet I  
DCE 122 Jazz I  
DCE 123 Nonmajors Hip Hop I  
DCE 124 Latin/Swing/Ballroom I  
DCE 125 Afro-Latin Salsa I  
DCE 126 Country-Western  
DCE 136 Intro to Somatic Movement  
DCE 194 Intro to Chinese Classical Dance  
DCE 201 Dance, Culture & Global Contexts HU
DCE 202 Dance in U.S. Popular Culture HU & C
DCE 203 The Walking Body HU
DCE 205 How Dance Matters C
DCE 224 Latin/Swing/Ballroom II  
DCE 225 Afro-Latin/Salsa II  
DCE 226 Music & Kinesthetic Comm Dance  
DCE 236 Somatic Movement Applications  
DEC 238 Hip Hop Ensemble  
DCE 240 Media for Dance CS
DCE 300 Dancing Histories HU
DCE 301 Dance Analysis and Theory L or HU
DCE 302 History of American Hip Hop  
DCE 303 The Body Condition(ed) SB
DCE 306 History of Salsa: Afro-Latin C
DCE 324 Latin/Swing/Ballroom III  
DCE 336 Somatic Practices III  
DCE 394 Dance at the Movies HU & C & H
DCE 394 Choreography & Performance  
DCE 402 Ethnography of Dance Practices L
DCE 404 Dance and Ethics L
DCE 405 Writing the Creating Body L or HU

Theatre classes for non-majors

Register THE (Theatre) classes

THE 322

Theatre History and Culture HU & H
THE 406 American Multicultural Film HU & C
THE 421 Shakespeare: Stage and Film L or HU
THE 422 Latinx Theatre and Film HU & C
THE 423 African American Theatre C
THE 430 History of Fashion I HU
THE 431 History of Fashion II  
THE 480 Methods of Teaching Theatre  
THE 494 Behind the Magic: Disney's Cultural Impact  


Register THP (Theatre performance and production) classes

THP 194

Understanding Acting, Writing


THP 201

Theatre Production Crew

HU & G

THP 307 Acting: Ten-Minute Plays  
THP 311 Creative Drama with Youth  
THP 351 Arts Management  
THP 360 Intermediate Playwriting  
THP 394 Writing for Horror  
THP 394 Extravaganza: Liberace, A Life in Costume  
THP 482 Theatre for Social Change  
THP 494 Devising Theatre