Electronic music studios

electronic music studio

The electronic music studios in the ASU Herberger Institute School of Music, Dance and Theatre consist of four separate spaces devoted to the exploration of computer technology in musical composition. Located in a separate wing of the Music Building, these studios were designed to optimal acoustical conditions with amenities such as double-block walls, floating floors, double windows and doors, specialized lighting systems and mazed ventilation.

Experience the space

Studio 1 functions as a teaching/lab facility for beginning students in electronic music. Classes in this space emphasize basic studio techniques including hard disc recording, MIDI sequencing and present an introduction to computer sound generation. In addition to an assortment of hardware synthesizers, including a vintage Roland System 700 analog synthesizer, the studio equipment includes current Macintosh computers, a ProTools recording system, Soundcraft 24x8x2 mixing board, Hafler amplifiers and Tannoy speakers.

Studio 2 is currently used as a sound recording and editing facility.

Studio 3 is currently used by the Herberger Institute Dance to teach classes in sound design.

Studio 4 is the primary facility for more advanced students. Classes in this space are structured to teach the principals of Max/MSP, CSound and elements relating to sound spatialization. Although there is some incidental synthesizer hardware, the emphasis is on computer sound generation. Primary equipment includes current Macintosh computers, a ProTools recording system, Mackie D8b mixer and a Genelec 8050A 6.1 speaker system.