Venues and Facilities

ASU Herberger Institute School of Music, Dance and Theatre facilities are among the best-designed in the nation. 

Paul V. Galvin Playhouse

The beautiful Paul V. Galvin Playhouse is a proscenium theatre.With its continental seating and a capacity of 485 seats, the Galvin hosts many events and performances every year, including dance concerts, theatre production, welcome and convocation events, film screenings and more.


51 E. 10th St., 
Tempe, AZ 85287


The Playhouse opens one hour prior to posted performances.


Experience the space

Technical Specifications

Stage Dimensions: approximately 101' x 52'10"
Proscenium height: 25' – 0"
Proscenium opening: 39' – 6 1/2"(39' – 9 1/2" without baseboard)
Plaster line to back wall: 44' – 10 1/2"
Plaster line to downstage edge @ centerline: 7' – 11 1/2"
Plaster line to orchestra pit opening / elevator: 11"
S.L. wing (off-stage wall to proscenium opening): 37' – 9 1/4"
S.R. wing (lock rail to proscenium opening): 23' – 3 1/4"
Length of battens: 48' – 0" (centered on stage centerline)
Length of batten extensions: 4' – 0"
Grid height: 70'
Out-trim of standard battens: 67' – 2" from deck
Out-trim of truss battens: 63' – 1" from deck
In-trim of both types of battens: 3' – 3" from deck
U.S. edge of orchestra pit elevator: 25' – 0"
Width of pit elevator @ centerline: 7' – 0"
Greatest length of elevator (S.R. to S.L): 29' – 7 1/2"

The proscenium theatre has 40 single-purchase counterweighted line sets. Battens are 1.5" sced. D pipe, except lines 5, 10, 17, 24, 32, and 37, which are truss battens. There are no dedicated electrics. The depth of the stage from plaster line to back wall is 44' – 10 1/2" and includes 480 square feet of trap floor (removable in 4 by 8 foot sections) and an apron/orchestra pit with a screw jack lift.

The loading door leading directly into the scene shop is on the back wall, centered on the centerline, is 30' – 0" wide, 22' – 0" tall. There are four additional doors, up left, up right, down left, and down right. All but the up left door are standard commercial doors, allowing 3' – 0" wide clearance and standard height. The up left door can open to 11' – 6"wide clearance, and has a standard commercial width door within the large door. Access to the loading dock from the shop is via a freight elevator. The loading dock is one floor above the scene shop and stage level. Costume shop, dressing rooms, green room and trap room are one floor below stage level in the subbasement.


The house seats 481 (320 on main floor, 161 in balcony). The last row on the main floor is 43' from the proscenium and the last row in balcony is approximately 80'. The first five rows on ground are continental seating, the rest American. The house has excellent acoustics and clear sight lines throughout the house.

Seating chart


The lobby serves both Galvin and Dance Laboratory. The lobby also includes box office and refreshment booth (serving both in lobby and outside courtyard).

Scene Shop

Directly backstage, measures 56' x 60' and includes a well and paint frame for painting scenery flats and drops, as well as oversized freight elevator connecting to loading dock and set storage area. Facilities allow for full wood, metal and plastic construction.

Sound, Lighting, Rigging

The Galvin Playhouse is equipped with an ETC EOS lighting console with 200 dimmers (2.4 and 6 kw); Yamaha M7CL sound board with Qlab digital playback. It is fully cat-walked and rigged with 40 line sets, including apron area for thrust stage.

Visitor Lot
Monday – Saturday, 7 a.m.–10 p.m.  Sunday FREE $3 per hour, up to $15 per day
Payment: Machine, Card  (license plate number) Due to construction, weekday parking may be limited.
10th Street Structure
Monday-Friday, 24 hrs a day $3 per hour, up to $15 per day FREE Saturday – Sunday.
Gammage Lot
Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. $3 per hour
Parking is free after 7 p.m. for School of Music events on evenings and weekends when there are no ASU Gammage Broadway Tour events.
Lot 9
Paid parking 5 p.m. - 7 p.m., Monday - Wednesday and Friday. $3 per hour
Lot not available until 7 p.m. on Thursday Free parking after 7 p.m. Monday-Friday.
Free on weekends when there are no ASU Gammage Broadway Tour events.
Apache Blvd. Structure
Monday-Friday, 24 hrs a day $3 per hour, up to $15 per day Parking is free for School of Music events on weekends when there are no ASU Gammage Broadway Tour Events.

Please check the pay stations to ensure proper payment. Pay stations require license plate number rather than space number. Weekend days may be open parking, except when restricted for special events.
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