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Are you interested in renting a School of Music, Dance and Theatre facility?

We enjoy the opportunity to open our facilities for public use barring any conflicts with academic use (scheduled and tentative) and we also must take into consideration the availability of our student workers (factors include academic work, midterms/finals, commitment to our own shows, other jobs, winter/summer breaks and vacations, etc.) We are proud of the many opportunities we offer students in our School and as such, they are often an extremely busy group. We are not obligated in any way to host an event and may retract dates due to academic priorities before signatures on contracts are received. It is important that no assumption of the guarantee of space is made until approval and signature by the Dean of the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts is received.

Facilities available for rent

Rental procedures, rates and more

Evelyn Smith Music Theatre, Katzin Concert Hall, Organ Hall and Recital Hall

Please note: Music Building venues are not available Oct. 1–Jan. 15 or March 1–May 15.  Summer rentals depend on the availability of event staff.

Rental procedure

  • Review the event rates below and the FAQs at the bottom of this page.
  • Complete and submit a Venue Availability Form at least 2 months prior to your intended event date. 
  • Someone will contact you in 3–5 business days.
  • Contact with questions.

Event rates

The rates below include four-hours total time in the venue (including load in and load out time) plus the number of staff indicated in the Event Workers column. The rates do not include pianos, audio/visual equipment, or audio/visual tech support (see Event Services and Equipment below).

Add 20% total cost for each additional hour of time in the venue and $25 per hour for each additional event worker.

Venues Capacity Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Event workers
Evelyn Smith Music Theatre 494 (4/2 WC*) $810 $1,110 $1,410 2
Katzin Concert Hall 346 (2/2 WC*) $660 $960 $1,260 2
Organ Hall 132 (fixed seats) $580 $880 $1,180 1
Recital Hall 123 (2/2 WC*) $480 $680 $780 1

*WC: Wheel chair/companion seating

Licensee levels

Level 1 ASU student groups*, faculty groups, on–campus organizations, departments, colleges (anyone able to pay via an area–org funds transfer)
Level 2* Off–campus, not–for–profit organizations (requires active IRS tax exempt status)
Level 3* Off–campus, for–profit organizations

* Student groups and licensee levels 2 and 3 require event insurance. Please see the FAQs below for further instructions.

Event services

Music staff $35/hour
Student event manager $25/hour
Audio/visual consultation* $50/hour
Music sound specialist $45/hour
Student audio/visual technician $25/hour


Use of some audio/visual equipment requires an on–site Audio/Visual Technician throughout your event.

* The School of Music, Dance and Theatre will charge an audio/visual consultation fee with our sound specialist for use of the venue’s audio/visual equipment.

Equipment and services

Performance hall projector and screen $125
Wireless lapel microphone $20 each (requires on–site A/V Technician)
Microphone with stands $20 each (require on–site A/V Technician)
Lecturn $25 each
Piano (as is) $125 each
Piano (fresh tuning) $150 each
Piano touch–up tuning (business hours) $50 each (8 a.m. – 5 p.m. weekdays, up to 20 minutes)


* Pianos may or may not be available to move to other on or off-campus locations.  Additional charges may apply if move possible. If permission is granted, the School of Music, Dance and Theatre will charge additional fees for professional piano movers.

Dance and Theatre Spaces

Rental procedure

  • Contact Gren Radcliff at least 2 months prior to your intended event date.
  • Read the FAQs at the bottom of this page.
  • Review the Rental Information Package and then complete the Rental Inquiry form providing as much information as possible about your proposed event.

Popular Music studios, rehearsal and production spaces

Housed in the Fusion on First building downtown, the Fusion on First Studio suite consists of two fully equipped recording studios with state-of-the-art equipment and purpose-built recording spaces meant to provide our students with hands-on experience in professional studio recording as performers, engineers and producers. While our spaces are intended to cater towards student led projects and practice time, commercial sessions are available for public booking. Information on booking and room details are listed below.


Studio A features an SSL AWS Delta 48 analogue recording console, Symphonic 2XV speakers, C3 Organ w/ Leslie, Yamaha Recording Custom Drum Kit and a Yamaha Disklavier Enspire.  Studio B features a Neve 8816 Summing Mixer, Dyn-Audio Core 59, Avid S1 surfaces, and a 9’ John Lennon Imagine Series Steinway D Grand.   Both studios have access to a large microphone collection, various outboard equipment from Neve, API, Manley, and many more instruments and synthesizers.  View a full list of equipment.

Podcasting Studio

Fusion on First features a professional studio designed for high quality podcasting.  Equipped with 4 industry standard podcasting microphones on desk mounted swivel arm stands in a professionally treated acoustical space, the podcasting studio is the perfect place to have an isolated, quiet space to record your podcast. 

Rehearsal spaces

Fusion on First houses 3 large rehearsal spaces that are designed with ensemble performance in mind.  Each of the 3 rooms are acoustically treated with clarity in mind and feature a full PA system as well as standard equipment for a band or ensemble such as drum kit, guitar and bass amps, keyboard amp, keyboards, and vocal mics. 


Rental rates

A booking deposit may be required for your reservation.

Option Internal
(Herberger Institute)
ASU Affiliate External
Booking deposit $50 $50 $100
Studio A full day $450 $900 $1350
Studio A half day $225 $450 $675
Studio A hourly $50 $100 $150
Studio B full day $315 $630 $945
Studio B half day $160 $315 $475
Studio B hourly $35 $70 $105
Studio A & B full day $675 $1350 $2025
Studio A & B half day $300 $675 $1015
Studio A & B hourly $75 $150 $225
Podcasting $25 $35 $50
Rehearsal room $25 $35 $50
Fusion live event $210 $300 $500
Civic Space Park Live $700 $700 $700
DJ Rig $500 $500 $500
Lighting Rig $250 $250 $250
DJ hourly $80 $80 $80
Lead Engineer hourly $80 $80 $80
A1 hourly $40 $40 $40
A2 hourly $30 $30 $30
Piano tuning $160 $160 $160


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Frequently asked questions

Individuals may take photographs or shoot video for personal use without permission from the university. However, such recordings may not be broadcast or used for commercial purposes. Be aware that private recordings may be prohibited in certain locations or at select events.  An ASU application to take photos or videos for commercial purposes can be found on the ASU Brand and Marketing Guide website.


Serving and consuming alcoholic beverages on University property at special events is prohibited unless a Permit to Serve Alcoholic Beverages on Campus has been approved and signed by ASU Insurance Services.  If you intend to serve alcohol it is your responsibility to have an approved permit on the day of your event.  A permit application is due at least 14 calendar days before the event and is available. An electronic copy of the permit must be provided to the School of Music, Dance and Theatre via email.

ASU student groups and non-ASU organizations must provide event insurance. The School of Music, Dance and Theatre requires a certificate of insurance when you send in the deposit and contract documents. Event insurance for all ASU venues is available to student groups and third-party licensees through the Tenants’ and Users Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP).  More information.

Food and beverages are not allowed in the performance halls. If available, Cowley Lobby can be rented as a reception space for events in the Katzin Concert Hall, Organ Hall, Recital Hall or Evelyn Smith Music Theatre. Please keep in mind Cowley Lobby cannot be closed off to regular School of Music traffic.  If your event is in the Recital Hall, the adjacent covered patio is available. The reception time will be added to the total price of the venue (see Event rates). Custodial charges may apply for both Cowley Lobby and the Recital Hall patio for on-site receptions with food and/or beverages.

Concessions and merchandise sales are not permitted on the premises. Concessions and merchandise are food, beverages, souvenir programs, recordings, books or any other merchandise.

Fundraising or donations cannot be collected in conjunction with an event held on public property.

The School of Music, Dance and Theatre cannot provide tickets or box office services. Income from ticket sales on public property is expected to be used only to defray costs of the event.

The minimum number of required event staff will be negotiated as part of the rental agreement.

We can provide ushers for your event in addition to the required event workers. Please keep in mind that we have a small event worker team and their availability is limited. We strongly encourage you to provide your own ushers. Ushers you provide will have a short in-service with our staff prior to the start of your event. Please plan to include this training in your setup schedule.

You are required to provide all necessary security for your event. ASU requires registration of events that involve high attendance, controversial topics or high-profile speakers, artists or guests.  If your event includes any of these, you may be required to provide approved security.

The Herberger Institute School of Music, Dance and Theatre is an academic institution and as such, our priority is to our students and their classes and events.

Your reservation is not guaranteed until you have a fully executed contract and you have paid a deposit. Please do not market your event or arrange event particulars until you have received a final contract. The School of Music, Dance and Theatre will not market or answer inquiries about your event. Your publicity materials must contain your direct contact information and note that your event is in no way affiliated with Arizona State University or the Herberger Institute School of Music, Dance and Theatre.

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