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ASU School of Music, Dance and Theatre believes in building and sustaining deep relationships with our surrounding communities. Through equitable collaborations we learn with one another and work to make a positive impact on people's lives.  For this reason, we co-create shared spaces to exchange our collective passion for music both on and off the ASU campus. 

We are dedicated to both nurturing and creating mutually beneficial relationships between the School of Music, Dance and Theatre and other organizations, community groups and individuals. This includes developing relationships inside and outside of the local arts community.

Programs, workshops, classes for the community

The ASU School of Music, Dance and Theatre has programs, workshops and classes for community members and partners of all ages and levels of ability.

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Ensembles for the community

By opening our music ensembles to the community, we seek to find ways in which community members and ASU students enrich one anothers’ lives while developing a more connected music culture in Arizona.

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Courses and credentials

The music discipline in the School of Music, Dance and Theatre has a variety of courses and credentials that assist individuals in developing relationships through music.

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ASU School of Music, Dance and Theatre gig referral system

The ASU School of Music, Dance and Theatre has created a new online gig referral system designed to connect community members who are seeking musicians for events with our undergraduate and graduate music majors and minors who are looking for paying gigs.

Explore the online gig referral system

ASU School of Music launches gig referral system  ASU Now, Mar. 27, 2019


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Buzz about the School of Music, Dance and Theatre Community engagement

Tunes at Noon

The State Press: Tunes at Noon brings students together

"Tunes at Noon" is a weekly open stage concert series for the ASU School of Music, Dance and Theatre community designed to foster a sense of community within the school. The project was launched Mar. 20, 2018 and offers students a place for students to get together and gain additional performance experience. Students have freedom of choice in the musical pieces that they are performing and a place where they can experiment with the support of their peers.

"The school's initial goal for the project is to create a supportive environment that encourages conversations and builds relationships — ones that are centered around and celebrate the diverse musical interests within the music community," said Samuel Peña, School of Music Community Engagement Coordinator

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