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Tunes at Noon

Tunes at Noon is an ongoing performance showcase series that highlights students, faculty and staff from the ASU School of Music, Dance and Theatre. Tunes at Noon is presented in an in-person and virtual platform for our creative community to showcase traditional, experimental and/or works-in-progress with the support of our community.The goal is to celebrate our community throughout the entire creative process, discover other artists for future collaborations and ultimately, to build relationships through music, dance and theatre.

To view a collection of previous Tunes at Noon performances visit our instagram page at Tunes at Noon Instagram .

Want to have your work showcased at Tunes at Noon? Visit the Tunes at Noon Instagram page and click the link in bio. There you will find the open call for video submissions.


Tunes at Noon was created by the MDT Community Engagement Office and is led by the MDT Community Engagement Coordinator Samuel Peña.

Learn more about the history of Tunes at Noon at ASU.

Tunes at Noon

The State Press: Tunes at Noon brings students together

"Tunes at Noon" is a weekly open stage concert series for the ASU School of Music community designed to foster a sense of community within the School of Music. The project was launched Mar. 20, 2018 and offers students a place for students to get together and gain additional performance experience. Students have freedom of choice in the musical pieces that they are performing and a place where they can experiment with the support of their peers.

"The school's initial goal for the project is to create a supportive environment that encourages conversations and builds relationships — ones that are centered around and celebrate the diverse musical interests within the music community," said Samuel Peña, School of Music Community Engagement Coordinator

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