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roaming performances and interactive installations

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Mash Up (playfullspace 0.95)

5 - 7 p.m. Friday, April 22

A 2-hour collaborative happy hour of roaming performances, interactive installations, food and beverages featuring music, dance and theatre students exploring how the playful spirit of collaboration can nourish us, challenge us and bring us together!

Kick Off!

5 p.m. Outside at Nelson Fine Arts Plaza

Opening performance by the ASU Gospel Choir

Choose your own Adventure!

Katzin Concert Hall  |  FAC233  |  Organ Hall  |  Music Plaza  |  Nelson Fine Arts Plaza  |  ASU Art Museum

Featuring performances by:

ASU Wind Ensemble
Creative Practices (dance)
Movement Practices (dance)
ASU Percussion Studio
ASU Saxophone Ensemble

Moments of Performance

5 p.m. Gospel Choir - Education, Pringles Plaza

5:30 p.m. ASU Saxophone Ensemble, FAC Plaza

5:45 p.m. ASU Percussion Studio/Dance Creative Practices, FAC Plaza

6:15 p.m. ASU Wind Ensemble / ASU Dance Movement Practices, Organ Hall

Playful Installations by

Jacob Buttry
Sophia Callesen
Kristina Friedgen
Alejandro Parra

5-7 p.m. Participatory Performances

Recess, Music Plaza

I am Alex Who, in front of Music Hall

Speak/Easy, ASU Art Museum Elevator

Ersatz, Katzin Hall


Food and beverage

Food trucks: El pastorcito taqueria and Totally Rolled Ice Cream
Free mocktails: "Speakeasy" at ASU Art Museum




Co-Produced by 
Jason Caslor • Robert Farid Karimi (CollabHouse) • Mary Fitzgerald 
Carley Conder • Michael Compitello • Nathan Myers


Special Thanks to Dr. Heather Landes for support of this project.