Wind Bands

Wind bands at ASU strive to promote personal musical growth within a collective environment. The students share in this commitment, aspiring to the highest possible standards of musical excellence and maximizing their own trajectory by setting personal goals for the productive use of ensemble rehearsal time. Balancing the needs of the community with those of the individual, the ensembles study and perform a range of wind band repertory on campus and throughout the Valley.

The wind band program in the Herberger Institute School of Music, Dance and Theatre at Arizona State University honors its rich history while reflecting the “state of the art” through dynamic and innovative performances. The wind bands at ASU have performed multiple times at national conventions of the College Band Directors National Association (CBDNA), the American Bandmaster’s Association (ABA), the Music Educators’ National Conference (MENC), and at the Midwest International Clinic.


Ensembles commonly define “community engagement” as giving public concerts from a stage. This phenomenon is a recent one, however. History demonstrates, for the most part, making music has always been an interactive, participatory activity. To that end, the ASU bands in the Herberger Institute School of Music, Dance and Theatre regularly venture beyond the campus and embark on activities that truly embed our music making in the community. We visit schools and teach children through our art. We offer informal concerts for hospitals, shelters and community events. We perform for retirement communities and small arts series throughout the Valley. Not only do we invite patrons to visit us in ASU concert halls, but we also look forward to venturing into the community and coming to you.


The bands’ current leadership of Jason Caslor, director of bands, Jamal Duncan, associate director of bands, and James G. Hudson, director of athletic bands continues to build on the superb efforts of those who preceded them.

Lillian Williams, 1915–17
J. Paul Jones, 1929–31
Carl G. Hoyer, 1931–38
Robert G. Lyon, 1938–43
Miles A. Dresskell, 1945–46
Felix E. McKernan, 1946–52
Charles D. Bowers, 1948–50 (associate)
E. Joseph Scrafford, 1950–56 (associate)
Harold C. Hines, 1952–66
Ronald A. Holloway, 1957–63 (associate)
Ronald K. Fuller, 1963–68 (associate)
William H. Hill, 1966–69
Kenneth O. Snapp, 1970–74
Robert W. Miller, 1970–73 (associate)
Eugene D. Anderson, 1973–74 (associate)
Richard E. “Doc” Strange, 1974–99 (Director of Bands Emeritus)
Robert C. “Coach” Fleming, 1974–2002 (Associate Director of Bands Emeritus)
Martin Province, 2002–2007 (associate)
Wayne Bailey, 2007-2015 (associate)
Gary W. Hill, 1999-2019 (Director of Bands Emeritus)
Jason Caslor, 2015-2019 (Associate Director of Bands and Orchestras)
Elliott Tackitt, 2019-2020 (Instructor of Wind Band Conducting)

Listen and Watch

Scott McAllister:
More Cowbell!

ASU Wind Ensemble - More Cowbell! (Virtual Mashup)

Leonard Bernstein:

ASU Wind Ensemble perform Bernstein: "Slava!"

John Cage:

ASU Wind Ensemble Putting The Band Back Together

Jordan Nobles:
Slipstream (excerpt)

Slipstream (Excerpt) by Jordan Nobles

Cait Nishimura:
Chasing Sunlight

ASU Wind Ensemble perform Nishimura: Chasing Sunlight

John Frantzen:


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