Orchestras, Wind Bands + MTO Auditions

ASU’s ensembles provide opportunities to participate in exciting performances and join a community of passionate musicians and dynamic conductors.

Audition sign-ups, procedures + results

The following information is for those interested in auditioning for the following ensembles:

  1. ASU Symphony Orchestra/Chamber Orchestra

  2. MTO (Music Theatre and Opera)

  3. ASU Philharmonia

  4. ASU Wind Ensemble

  5. ASU Wind Symphony

If you are interested in the Maroon and Gold Band (audition not required) go to chair placement for music excerpts for each instrument. Rehearsals are Tuesday nights from 7:30 - 9:30 p.m..

In order to secure your audition time please do the following:

  1. Fill out this form.

  2. Sign up for one audition time using this Audition Sign-Up form. Only sign up for one audition time. Any duplicate audition times will be deleted by the administrator. 

  3. For non-major string players interested only in the Philharmonia, please download the corresponding audition material and sign up under the Philharmonia audition slots. 

  4. Practice!

Audition Process

  1. You may use the Green Room as a warm-up area for auditions that take place in Katzin Concert Hall or one of the classrooms as a warmup area for auditions that take place in ASU Gammage. You may also warm up in the School of Music practice rooms.

  2. Please arrive ahead of your audition time so you are ready to play at your scheduled time.

  3. Before entering the audition room make certain that you have your music and all equipment needed to play the audition.

  4. Most auditions will be “blind”, that is, you will perform from behind a screen so your identity remains anonymous until after the audition process is complete. 

Therefore, please communicate with the room monitor only. Additional instructions will be given by an audition panel member if needed. Do your best to not respond verbally so that you remain anonymous. In the event you have a question, leave the space, ask the monitor your question, and the monitor will communicate with the panel.



Upon completion of all auditions, the faculty will confer and make ensemble assignments for the Fall 2022 term. All musicians who auditioned will be contacted through the ASU email address given on the audition sign-up form and informed of their ensemble(s) placement.